Admittedly, asking for donations has never been my favorite part of this “singer/patron exchange”.  Which is why I usually leave it in the very capable hands of my father (he is shameless).  I am officially a big girl now, and have taken it upon myself to once and for all get over being bashful.  I recognize that my achievements have been made possible by donations and scholarship.  If i had never simply asked for help – where would i be now? Asking cannot hurt you, it can only help.SO- if you would like to help me in NYC, please click the button below.  I promise to keep you very regularly updated on my whereabouts, adventures, failures, and successes.  Thusly, ensuring that your donations are being well spent.  I feel like i do not have enough thank yous in my body for all of the help i have received in my career.  But i find more, time and time again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.