The Starlite Room

Hello All!

We had a wonderfully successful concert at the Starlite Room in Sarasota this past Saturday.  It was an astounding turnout.  It was also my birthday celebration – i turned 25 on July 19th.  I could not imagine ringing in a quarter of a century any differently – sharing my voice, laughter, and artistry with you.  Thank you so much for those of you who came out and supported me, and the arts in Sarasota.  Your contributions really made an enormous difference.  I will be able to move to New York city with a little more wiggle room in my savings account.  This will allow me to take lessons, begin my audition applications, and settle into my new home with much more ease and comfort.  I hope that I gave you something rewarding in return.

I have truly come a long way in my technique and performance practice.  It was a tough road, and I came close to giving up many many times.  To be honest, if it wasn’t for my community, and family support, I may not have continued.  Today, I have harnessed enough confidence to begin putting myself out there again and presenting myself to the world.  As a singer, you open yourself up to be judged by others.  This is not always a positive thing, and you are not always liked or appreciated.  It is really a treasure to be able to receive so much warmth from those involved in my career.  Not everyone in this business has a safety net like I do.

As audition season heats up, and New York becomes a reality, I will make sure to keep this blog updated and share my journey with anyone who would like to come along.

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart –


Below is a link to the article in the ticket, and a clip of me singing from Saturday evening!

“Vieni t’affretta” – Verdi – Macbeth