I am so pleased to announce my graduation and to update you on life after the Boston Conservatory. I will be in Sarasota, Florida in May before heading to Vermont for the summer. When I return I will begin my applications for graduate programs while I continue voice studies with a professor at Florida State University. My number one priority is to maintain my instrument during this time off because graduate school is just around the corner!

My last year in Boston was filled with many great opportunities including a role in the main stage production of Ravel’s “L’enfant et le sortileges”. I have also participated in the fall and spring opera scenes, playing roles in Debussy’s “Dialogue of the Carmelites” and Puccinis “La Boheme”. I finished off the year sharing my senior recital with family and friends at the Boston Conservatory on March 20. I have acquired so much here and have had a chance to work with amazing teachers, accompanists, and directors.

I cannot wait to explore the next step in my career and I hope that you continue to explore with me. Keep an eye out for further details on my upcoming Sarasota recitals. I will be putting together a voice studio beginning for students of all ages and levels. Contact me via the website if you or anyone else you know is interested.

All the best, Erica.

Some press…

Erica is featured in the Boston Conservatory newsletter, Stages –
here is a link to that

Soprano to pay for college by singing 
Vocalist Erica Reynolds must raise $48,000 to pay for her freshman year at The Boston Conservatory.
THE SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE Date: Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Reynolds is no stranger to the concept of raising money. In February 2007, she raised $8,000 in her concert debut to pay for a summer intensive program at Carnegie Mellon University. So far, Reynolds has raised about $24,000 toward her college education through financial aid, loans, grants, money provided by her father and money collected at additional concerts. “Last year people were a little more able to give money,” Reynolds said. “This year, the state of the economy is a factor that has affected fundraising.” In May, Reynolds performed in two more concerts in hopes of recreating the success of her previous concert. She raised about $3,500 at each concert. “Erica sets an intention, and once it is set, her whole being works toward it,” said Dorothy Ann Jackson, Reynolds’ grandmother.

Reynolds is thankful for the support she has received toward reaching her goal. “She is appreciative of everything her parents, grandparents and the community have done for her,” said Karen Jackson, Reynolds’ mother. Reynolds will continue to raise funds throughout the summer. She will be performing at 7 p.m. July 10 at Esca Restaurant & Bar in downtown Sarasota. Tickets for the concert are $100 and include a meal. Later in the summer, Reynolds will perform in another concert in hopes of raising more money. “I am taking a lot of voice lessons and practicing a lot on my own time to get ready for the concerts,” Reynolds said. After her freshman year at The Boston Conservatory this fall, Reynolds hopes to earn scholarships from the school and from organizations in Boston for the remainder of her college education.

As a recent Booker High School graduate who was active in the school’s Visual Performing Arts program, Reynolds has been able to hone her performance skills through involvement in several productions. “Erica’s breakthrough moment was last spring when she performed in ‘Hello Dolly’ — people realized her stature, poise, command of the stage and her wonderful voice,” said Scott Keys, musical theater teacher for Booker VPA and Reynolds’ former teacher. Reynolds’ personal favorite Booker production was the Broadway hit “Guys and Dolls.” “‘Guys and Dolls’ was the last show of the season this year,” Reynolds said. “The people in it were a lot of fun and very high-spirited.”

Reynolds was awarded the Best Female Vocalist in VPA in 2008, the award that went to Booker alumna and “American Idol” finalist Syesha Mercado in 2005. “VPA has a banquet at the end of the year, and the Best Female Vocalist award is one of the big awards presented at the banquet,” Reynolds said. “Peers vote to decide who receives the award.”

In addition to her years of experience gained from involvement in Booker productions, Reynolds has trained privately with vocal coach Jeanette LaVoy for the past three-and-a-half years.

“Erica has a natural facility for foreign language and has a very clear and pure vocal sound,” LaVoy said. “She is an exceptional actress, and she can do vocal tricks that are amazing.”

Through her years in performing arts and voice, Reynolds was able to discover her interest and love of classical voice and opera. “She is always up for a challenge,” LaVoy said. “Opera is a combination of music, languages and acting.” Reynolds hopes that one day her years of experience and her dedication to all aspects of performance will allow her to reach her ultimate goal. “After college, my dream is to travel to Europe and sing for a company overseas,” Reynolds said.
INTERESTED? To listen to some of Erica Reynolds’ performances, go to For more information about her fundraising efforts or to purchase tickets for the upcoming concert, call 928-3624 or 323-5122.

Erica Reynolds sings at a recital in May. Reynolds is raising money to help pay for her tuition at The Boston Conservatory.
Reynolds, a recent graduate of Booker High School, will be performing at Esca Restaurant & Bar in Sarasota at 7 p.m. July 10.

Thank you!

Note from Erica – August 2 , 2008Dear music lovers,I am very grateful for your support and appreciation. I will be attending the Boston Conservatory this fall, and I need your help to make my dreams a reality. I am now a graduate of the Visual and Performing Arts Program at Booker High School where I appeared in the musicals Guys and Dolls, Hello Dolly, The Secret Garden, and others. This year I won the award for Best Female Vocalist (Syesha Mercado, our Sarasota finalist on American Idol, took this award in 2005). I have been training privately in Sarasota for four years with Jeanette LaVoy, a wonderful mentor, trainer, and vocalist. Throughout this time, she has helped me discover my passion for opera and classical voice. I sing in Italian, French and German from an array of operas by Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti and others.In February 2007, I performed a debut recital and raised the funds to attend a Summer Intensive at Carnegie Mellon University. For this, I am truly grateful to my community, family, friends and supporters. This year I will attend the Boston Conservatory and continue my studies in voice and opera. I have received grants, loans, and contributions from my family, covering half of the $48,000 tuition for this year. The rest is up to me. Every donation I receive goes directly to pay my tuition payments. If you would grant me this opportunity to sing for you, it would give me great pleasure. This event is free to all, and I encourage all opera and vocal music lovers to attend. The program will include arias and musical theatre pieces from Le Nozze di Figaro, Romeo et Juliette, La Bohème, Don Giovanni, Phantom of the Opera, Kismet and more!


Erica Reynolds

Update on recitals: as of 9/2/08

We have raised about twenty thousand dollars through concerts and donations!

The total cost for the Boston Conservatory is $50,000.
I have received $10,231 in Financial Aid
I have raised about $20,000 at two recitals last month
My dad is contributing $1,000 a month for the duration…
I’m getting closer!